Delta on her first hunt in the “Pine Trees”

I thought that you might like a picture of Delta on her first hunt in the “Pine Trees”. It is a small patch of pine trees in the middle of a 400 acre flooded valley. Delta is working off a tree stand that we built for our dogs so they can be out of the water. Its a lot of work to hunt, but also a lot of fun once you get settled in for the hunt. In the picture, Delta is showing us that she is more interested in a group of ducks that are coming in than having her picture taken.

I couldn’t be more happy with Delta’s progress. She is an aggressive retriever but never wild. Lots of speed going out for the retrieve and just as much speed returning for delivery. When Delta hits the water she leaps about 5 or 6 feet out. I’ll have to get a picture of it some day. Delta is also a very quick learner that takes direction well. When she is learning something new, you can see her wheels turning, trying to figure out what I am wanting her to do.

I just wanted to let you know how one of your pups is turning out. Delta turned 1 yr. on Jan. 15 and I don’t think that we have spoken since we picked her up. She is doing what Labs were meant to do. Delta is a family dog first, but is also turning into a good hunting dog.

Best wishes, Bill & Katie’s Delta Wind, aka “Delta”

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