IN TRIBUTE TO: Katie’s Delta Wind : 01/15/2010 – 07/07/2012


Katie’s Delta Wind, pictured age 21 months
Hi Jeff and Laura,

I thought that you would want to know that Delta died suddenly earlier this month. I put her in her kennel in the evening, in healthy condition and in the morning I found her dead. We can not be certain why she died, because we did not have an autopsy performed. My vet, who is also a hunting buddy of mine, feels that it was most likely a twisted gut because there was bloating. Also, there was no sign of vomiting or diarrhea in the kennel which would usually be associated with poisoning. At this point, it doesn’t matter what it was. We all feel as though there was nothing that we could have done differently that would have avoided this. I am sorry that it took me most of the month to contact you. I guess I had been putting it off, trying to not think about it.

Delta was really becoming a good duck and goose dog for us. At not even 2 yrs. old she was holding steady in the blind and on the tree stand. Because she was getting to hunt for 3, 4, even 5 guys per hunt, she retrieved almost 300 ducks and geese last year. She was very fast and powerful on the retrieve, but oh so sweet to be around whether hunting or around the family. She had been working on her blind retrieves in the off season. She loved to learn. Once she figured something out, she had it. We will miss her.

If you hear of a young started female that you think might work for me, please let me know. If I could find something over 6 mo., I would be able to hunt her lightly this year. A lot of our hunting last year was over barley stubble so it was dry and not very hard on the dog. Delta spent a lot of time laying in my layout blind with me. It was a bit of a wrestling match at first, but we figured it out.

Well, that is enough for now. I am sad that Delta’s life was so short, but she crammed more hunting into two seasons than most dogs have in a lifetime. Man…, Delta loved to hunt ducks and was lethal on a downed goose. You can be very proud of breeding not only beautiful looking labs, but labs that want to work, given the opportunity. You could see it in Delta’s eyes.

Best wishes, Bill Shanks