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Jeff and Laura,

Thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures of Chester so you can see how he is developing.  Very smart, affectionate and just a darn good dog.  I vividly remember the time spent with Petunia and the pups  at the open house and his personality reminds me very much of her.  Chester was the top student in his first puppy class. I am sure it will carry forward as his training continues.  In the mornings he wakes up both boys when I tell him it is time to get them up for school.   We walk 5+ miles a day through the woods which is helping him stay fit.  At a little over 5 months he weighs in at 44lbs but with lots of loose skin he has much growing still to do.   We couldn’t be happier.  If I think about it I’ll send another update when he is a year or so old. 

Ryan R




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