Training Class Takes Play Break

The Fall 2015 Beginning Family Dog Training Class took a play break on Sunday to enjoy the sunshine.  SNICKERS (Chocolate female pup from the Tootsie/Fudge litter) and ABBY (White Chocolate female pup from the Maisy/Boone litter) took the opportunity to romp and play after their class exercised.  The sun was shining even though it was cold, we all enjoyed the outing for sure!

Beginning Family Dog Training is started at 7 weeks and continues for 30 days.  During this time we will continue to socialize your puppy and introduce basic obedience commands like NO, COME, SIT and STAY plus begin training on DOWN, HUSH and includes kennel or crate training and house training.  We will also be working with your puppy on their retrieving. For more information about the training we offer CLICK HERE

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