Charli (Ketchikan)

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Good afternoon Jeff & Laura
I wanted to send along a few more pics of Charli that were taken during her first run through the snow, it certainly won’t be her last. It was a great hike up into the mountains today, she is adjusting quite nicely to Southeast Alaska.







Jeff & Laura,
Charli is four months now so I thought I should let you know that she is absolutely doing great!

Charli is loving her life, exploring the endless rainforest that is Southeast Alaska. She has been swimming a bit in the alpine lakes though the water is still super cold so each excursion into the water is brief. She is getting big very fast, she is up to 49 pounds already! She has been such a great addition to our family and she is learning very fast, you were right about how smart she seemed to be as she went through your Kinder-puppy training class.

We can’t thank you enough for all your extra effort and special care getting her safely to us here in Ketchikan!
Dave & Michelle





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