Update sent via Email .:.

Good morning!

Just and update on Rose. She is settling in nicely! She has us wrapped around her paw!  She sleeps all night in her crate without a peep! She also is getting a crash course in farm life. ☺  

As required, we did take her for her well puppy visit.  Everyone in the office wanted to keep her!!  Can you blame them???

Anyway, the doctor did notice that her vulva is a bit inverted ( I am getting the technical term for it) but she said it rolls in on itself a little and so she may be susceptible to UTI’S  and bladder infections.  The doctor is hopeful that she will grow out of it ,else  it may be corrected after her first heat. She is keeping an eye on it and will put a note in her chart.  I wanted to let you know asap.   And will keep you updated.

Otherwise , she is great. she got her microchip and her dose of wormer and I got one more for 5/16/2016 .

Do you require us to send you something that verifiy’s the visit for the one year puppy guarantee?   Please let me know ..

We LOVE Rose!! Thank you

Karen Sorvetti and Tim Abney

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