Solomon update

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050416Solomon1Hey guys,

Solomon is thriving.   Very lean, the only Lab I have ever seen that is a picky eater.  He runs 30 minutes or so a day with other dogs at the dog park, keeping him quite fit.  Only dog that runs faster is a retired Greyhound! 

Very loving dog, wants to be with me all of the time.   He was watching other dogs on the tv today, really funny to see.

Just finished basic obedience training with Academy of Canine Behavior in Woodinville, he did very well.   I am considering starting him in other classes this spring, he seems to like the classroom thing.

I have not had  him neutered yet, was wondering if  you folks would want to breed him before I take him to the vet?   I will send a picture tomorrow, lost my good ones when my old laptop died.

Hope all is well with you.

Mark Robinson

050416Solomon 2

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