Desert Wind Families Checking In (Autumn/River)

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11/21/16 – Belle


Everything is going great! 112116belle6Belle has made herself at home and she is already part of the family. She and my daughter are already best friends and love to play in the yard together, rain or shine! I work from home, so she loves to “help” with that as well lol
I have attached a few photos.





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112616MilaWrigley111/26/16 – Mila

HI Jeff and Laura – I have attached a picture of Mila and Wrigley – they adore each other! Thank you so much. hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Kelly McNelis



11/28/16 – Chip
Our new family member, Chip, is settling in very well.  She is extremely well socialized, very intelligent, and in fact, one of the calmest puppies we’ve ever encountered.  She is already responding to her name, comes when called, and is making great progress on house training.

We have her set up to start training in mid December, following her second round of vaccinations.  We took her in to meet the trainer for an initial assessment, and the trainer said she so well socialized that we can skip Puppy 101 and move right into Puppy 102 training.  

We couldn’t be more pleased with her.  Thank you for giving her such a great start!

Julie K. Silvers

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