Birth Announcements for First Spring 2017 Litters

We are excited to announce that Sweet Petunia and Fudge Mountain delivered their AKC litter of lab pups on March 11th.

Petunia has always run her own schedule and this time around was no exception.  While I was on the road Saturday morning, Jeff informed me that Petunia had started her labor contractions which is one of the reasons he stayed home.  So she did deliver but we only have 1 yellow/white chocolate female pup, no males yellow/white chocolate or chocolates.  We are so really surprised at the extremely small litter but are thankful that Momma and baby are doing great!


We are excited to announce the arrival of the AKC lab litter of Cinderella and Fudge Mountain.  She started early Tuesday morning, March 14th and finished mid-afternoon producing 1 white chocolate/yellow male, 5 chocolates (3 females and 2 males) and 3 blacks (1 female and 2 males).  Momma and babies doing great

For more information about these and other litters due please visit LITTER UPDATES!

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