Brandy Did Great on the Ride Home!

Update sent via Email .:. May 6, 2017

050717brandy1Good morning Jeff & Laura,

Brandy did great on the ride home.  Didn’t sleep more than about 10 minutes.  I think it must have been the bumps caused by the concrete panels on the interstate.  Once we got home, she slept for about an hour.  Not much whimpering during the night, but up about every two hours.  About 2:30 am she decided is was time to burn off some energy.  She raced around for about 30 minutes and then slept for another two hours.  She seems to be adjusting well, and has made several trips around the backyard.




Hi Jeff and Laura.

Brandy is adjusting well at home.  I’m not sure if you guys worked with her on a crate, but she took right to it on her own – walked in and laid down.  We have spent a lot of time exploring the backyard.  She has a bunch of energy for about an hour, and then it’s time for a nap.  I’ve attached a few photos from this first weekend.  They may come in several e-mails.

We are enjoying her!


…Just got back from the vet about an hour ago – Brandy’s first well puppy visit.  There was some stress on her first car ride in a kennel; which was to be expected.  The vet’s office was very complementary on your packet of organized information.  It was all right in order for them.  It was extremely helpful handing them the packet to copy while going to the examination room.  Everyone in the vet’s office was in love with her.  She got a huge thumbs up on her health.  She is 10.3 pounds of perfection.

More photos will be sent as she grows.





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