Aidan (Classic Yellow Male) and Rory (White Chocolate Male), First day of training and more …

Updates sent via Email .:. May & July 2017


From Ross and Pat Herber. The boys are doing well. Thank You for the Great Labs.


Hi Laura and Jeff,
These boys are growing like crazy! In two weeks, they have gone from roly-poly babies to looking like miniature adults. Long legs! They have settled in well, having just a few dust ups with the cranky old dog. Our main problem is Riding in the car. Aidan is very calm and just observes. Rory, however, is terrified–howling and crying like his little legs are being torn off!! We have tried in the crates, on our laps, all to no avail. Any tips?? Today, we thought we will try letting Ross hold them, feed them treats, while I drive around the block a few times. Next, maybe together in their big crate with lots of treats?

Do you need a written report of their first vet visit? We did that on the Monday following bringing them home. Next vaccinations scheduled for May 30. Puppy obedience class soon!
We can’t thank you enough for our beautiful boys! We are truly happy we have them in our lives. Will send updates to let you know how they are doing.
Best regards,
Pat and Ross Herber


Great to hear from you! We are all doing well now. Boys went for their last vaccines yesterday and sat in the middle seat of the Sequoia by themselves. No problems. We did go for short rides with Ross holding them and giving treats to help Rory get over his anxiety. That seems to have done the trick. They are waaaay too big now to hold 2 puppies on your lap. Rory is 36 lbs and Aidan 31.5 lbs. Vet says growing well and healthy. Aidan did have to spend a couple of days in the hospital around 3 weeks ago. He was eating our landscaping grasses and got sick. ALL the landscaping grasses and plants are gone now. We have changed to really big planters, but they remain empty until this exceptional heatwave passes. They have had 2 private obedience sessions at home and are doing well with basic commands, walking in their harnesses. Our Vet was adamant that we keep them strictly at home until all vaccines done due to the rampant Parvovirus we have here. They have had LOTS of visitors and played with the neighbor dog, friend’s little granddaughters and behaved as perfect gentlemen. We are now working on longer trips to visit other friends with dogs and introduce them to the crew at daycare. Rory daily reminds us of our Seamus that we lost 2 years ago–it’s almost spooky how similar their mannerisms and sweet personality . Aidan continues to be the Thinker and Schemer. You can see those little wheels spinning as he plots another dubious adventure! We are still sleep deprived as Aidan thinks 4:30–dawn–is the time to get up for the day. If it is cloudy and dark, we can usually persuade him to sleep until about 5:30. Has been way too sunny lately 😎. We just love them to pieces and couldn’t be happier we brought them home. Thanks again for our beautiful boys. We do hope to come visit with them in the future.
Best regards,
Pat and Ross

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