Brandy Update

Update sent via Email .:. May 26 and June 18, 2017

Hi Jeff & Laura. Hope all is well at Desert Wind. Brandy (March 18, 2017 Shasta/Fudge litter) had her second set of vaccinations today. She is getting more accustomed to car rides, and did great. Everyone at the veterinarians office was anxious to see her again. Staff and other visitors all thought she had wonderful coloring and looked amazing. She has gained 6.1 pounds over the last 18 days. Her weight is now 16.4 pounds. No problem with free feeding her – she does not over eat. Besides a good kibble, we are giving her a little yogurt in the morning and canned pumpkin and chicken breast in the evening. She sleeps about 4 hours at night before needing out to go potty. Although there are more frequent times during the night she wants us to know she is awake and thinking about us. She has learned the ‘sit’ command, and we are now working on ‘lay down’. She loves to play and bite our hands. In an attempt to stop the biting over the last three weeks we have offered a toy, left the room, said ‘ouch’, put her on time out, used the index finger and thumb to hold her muzzle, and used a squirt bottle with water all to not avail. Her little teeth are like needles. The veterinarians office recommended using a finger down her throat…..we’ll see if that works. Speaking about her teeth, she loves her nightly tooth brush. Obedience training starts on June 11th. She has done well on potty training, but still has some accidents. I’m taking her out on her first trail walk/hike tomorrow. Attached are some photos…….may need to send them in 2 emails.

Have a super weekend!


Brandy Update

Hi Jeff & Laura,

A quick update on Brandy (March 18, 2017 Shasta / Fudge litter). She started puppy Kindergarten last weekend. At twelve weeks old, she was the biggest in her class. She is quickly learning the ‘sit’ and ‘come’ commands. We have been going on evening and weekend walks that are up to a mile in length. When we get to the turning around point, she likes to run part of the way back. She has grown to love riding in the truck. She is now trying to jump up to get in the back seat – it will be a while before she can jump that high. Although, she is smart. She used the running board as an intermediate step to climb up higher the other night. We thought she was potty trained at 11 weeks. She had gone almost 2 weeks without an accident. Then, had 3 in one day, totally out of the ordinary. She was scheduled to see the vet the next day for her 3rd round of vaccinations. We had the vet perform a urinalysis. As it turns out, she has a urinary track infection…..explains the accidents all of a sudden. She is on medicine for the next couple of weeks. At 13 weeks old, she is up to 24.5 pounds. She is going to be a big girl.

Attached are a couple of recent pictures. She loves to play fetch with her jolly ball.


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