Open House and More …

Update sent via Email .:. 8/27/17

Open House – Thank you so much for having the open house! I wish we could’ve had a little more time in that area, I had no idea of all the history in that area and the amazing sites. I’ll attach a couple pictures we took with Asher.

Update sent via Email .:. 9/14/17

Ride Home – Hello, I figured I’d let you guys know that the 3 1/2 hour drive home went well, Asher slept most of the way. He enjoyed cuddling with us and the stuffed animal that we had left with you, it really helped keep him comforted. so far he seems to be adjusting well, he barked at the kids a couple times while playing in the yard. It was so adorable 🙂

Update sent via Email .:. 9/22/17

Asher Pics – Here’s a couple pics of Asher. He’s adjusting so well and already stays right by my side when I’m sick.

Update sent via Email .:. 10/7/17

Asher is the smartest most easily trainable puppy I’ve ever met! He is bonding with our family very well and is very close with me. Whether he’s on leash or off he is very good about following right by my heels, when I’m sick he doesn’t leave my side, and I’m his favorite person to play with.
He’s very good at watching me and picking up on how he should feel about things.
He has his next two vet visits scheduled for his last combo vaccine then later his rabies. I’m very excited to get him out a little more, so far he’s done very well around my parents dogs and all their grandkids. He’s definitely a sweetheart and has the perfect temperament for a service dog, and everyone that sees him just loves him! I’ve already given out the extra business card and gave your Web address to another person.
I plan on doing a little photo shoot session with Asher soon and will send you pics 😀 He has a little bow tie and a bandana collar.
Oh, his eyes are a beautiful green now, I’m not sure at what age their eyes are the permanent color but it’s just so exciting watching him develop.
Thank you and hope you are having a great weekend,

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