Update on our sweet Cash …

Update sent via Email .:. 7/25/17

Hello Jeff and Laura!

Just wanted to give you an update on our sweet boy Cash. It seems like he is growing so fast and gets taller every day. He is the sweetest, smartest boy we could have ever asked for. Cash knows the commands sit, stay, down, shake, spin, “leave it” and barks when we say “stranger” 😂 His favorite things are his frisbees and tennis balls, he will wait by your feet staring at you until you throw his toys for him and could do this all day if we let him. He gets along with all of his other puppy friends and loves meeting new people and making new friends. His new favorite thing to do lately is splash around in the kiddy pool we got him to cool off in, such a water dog! Cash weighs in at a hefty 48 lbs at only 4 months! Thank you for the best dog we could have ever asked for!

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