Holiday Greetings to you all from Aidan and Rory

Update sent via Email 12/23/17 .:.

Holiday Greetings to you all. Hope you will receive the photos I sent of the boys from “the cloud”. They just turned 9 months and have grown into spectacular dogs. We just finished obedience training and they are doing pretty well, but we need to keep practicing! They go to daycare at least once a week where they are separated so they learn to socialize on their own with other dogs. The ladies say they are doing well. They still really prefer to be together. They learn very quickly, and my husband is anxious to try them bird hunting this next year. The Veterinarian just gave them a check up and was impressed with their overall health, beautiful coats and conformation. We are so very happy with our amazing boys.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a joyful, healthy New Year Sincerely yours, Pat and Ross Herber P.S. If no photos came through, drop me a line and I will try again.



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