Update on Wyatt River Bolt

Update sent via Email 6/1/18 .:. 

Hi Laura and Jeff!
Hope you and your pups are all doing well!
Wanted to send an update on Wyatt as we approach the 4 months milestone!

Wyatt is such a good dog! He is very calm and chill overall and we not only feel this way about him but all of his trainers we work with have mentioned this to us too! Friends and Family just love him. Especially the kids just think he is the best dog to play and chase after. Dakota and him get along so so well! Every morning they eat and then puppy play in our living room for a couple hours. Some pics below!

He loves Dakota more than she loves him though, which is adorable! He always wants to lay next to her and when we first got him he loved to lay on her in any way which usually resulted in on her butt lol!

He also snuggles up to us a lot too, which we love. And one thing we noticed that stayed the same from the first time we met him is he loved to snuggle up and get his neck on our neck! See pics below from our first visit and after he is still trying to do this today as well! I love it so much and its so sweet how close he wants to be i can just imagine he did something like this with his litter and that’s why he still wants to do it!

We have been attending social puppy play and are in the middle of our first training class. We plan on doing at least 3 more classes at our favorite place- The Clubhouse For Dogs. The owner Pascale is great and loves Wyatt and our girl Dakota too. He is youngest in the class and at first would fall asleep in the class and we just would leave early as he could not stay awake lol! But now he has more focused attention and we are doing well! He is learning the basics now- sit, watch, touch, stay, leave it, drop it, down and here. Recall has been our biggest challenge but we know it’s a tough one. He does well on walks and not much pulling and is liking car rides just fine as well now! Oh and in puppy play he loves the tunnel that they can run in! He is a very curious and brave!

We have really been focused on making sure he is well adapted and due to Dakota having separation anxiety with us we wanted to make sure he does not go that direction. Which so far he has not! And we have no concerns with him at this time! Which is great! I really think a big part of this is his attitude and how he is- a very independent and confident dog.

Oh and he loves to sleep on his back!! Anywhere and everywhere too! Pics below!

We will have all of our shots in by Saturday and are excited to take him out to swim and camping later this month!!

We just love Wyatt and see a lot of his mom i his physical appearance now but will see how big he get!

I’ll send more pics!

Thank you!


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