Autumn Rain and Raging River’s Boy Jackson

Update sent via Email 7/19/18 .:.

I Just want to say thank you for our amazing dog Jackson. He is doing so well. I never thought having a dog would be so easy. I mean its time consuming and a lot of early mornings but we are in complete love. Jackson has been doing well. He loves to catch waves at the beach, play in our park behind our house and most of all chew on sticks. We crated him at night until he found our daughters room and he loves to sleep with her. He loves to sleep in his crate, behind the couch as well as the bathroom floor. These are a few of his favorite hiding places. Jackson goes everywhere with us. Our neighborhood loves him and comes running to greet him when we are in the park.

People have asked us how we got such a calm sweet dog? I say we trained him from day one and well he came to us this way. We have given your name out to many people.

Thank you again. Have a blessed day!


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