Brandy Update (March 17, 2019)

Update sent via Email (Shasta/Fudge CF)
Good morning Jeff and Laura.  It’s been a while since I wrote an update on Brandy (Shasta/Fudge Mountain litter 3/18/17).  She turns 2 tomorrow, and we have some special birthday treats and toys to give her.  Although I must say, she already found the ‘Dino’ bone – she has an incredible sense of smell!  We noticed a couple of months ago that she is becoming more affectionate, which I have been told they do as they get older.  What had been a mild winter on the west side took a turn in February when the snow arrived.  Brandy loves the snow, and we managed to continue our daily walks. 
Brandy still loves to be off leash around the property (20 acres).  She is good at staying close to me, often stopping to smell and then running to catch up – normally with a new stick in her mouth.  I’ve attached a couple of photos taken yesterday.  She was so proud of herself carrying around the piece of firewood – snorting like a pig as she ran by.  She loves the wildlife.  When a deer walks through…….O-Boy, it’s game on.  We planted apple trees yesterday.  We will see how that goes as the trees start producing apples in a few years.
Brandy is a big girl.  She weighed 94 pounds at the vets last month.  She goes to the vets every month to get her nails done.  Jeff, you predicted she would weigh 100 pounds when I picked her up at 7 weeks old – a good estimate.  She is a strong dog.  Hopefully she will not get any bigger.
It’s supposed to be a little of above 60 degrees today.  Brandy doesn’t know it yet, but today is bath day for her.  She loves to get in the water.
Have a super day guys.  I appreciate receiving all of your updates.  It looks like things have been busy for you.  Hopefully we can make it over to say hi soon.
Dave Brock