Jackson II

Update sent via Email 3/04/19 
Hi Jeff and Laura,
Jackson is doing very well, he has acclimated to us and our home very nicely. There are some puppy issues with our 18 ½ year old Calico, he just can’t seem to leave her alone. We are trying to let them work it out but sometimes we have to intervene. He is 60% potty trained and seems to be a very smart little puppy. He is extremely energetic and playful but when he tires he sure does crash out. His sleeping positions are hilarious. We are enjoying him immensely.
He got a good check up at his first vet appointment, I have attached a copy of the record. We followed up the exam by bringing in a stool sample.  
Hope this e-mail finds you well. I still get a kick out of us driving by and seeing you waving us down! We must have driven by 2 – 3 times before we saw you. Thanks again, we love our pup.
Tracey Smith
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