Truffle update on her first birthday

Update sent via Email 3/29/19 
Hi Jeff & Laura –
I thought today would be a good time to give you an update on Truffle, as it’s her first birthday! I cannot thank you enough for her, as she’s brought oh so much love and joy to my world. She’s the sweetest and most loving pup anyone could meet. She LOVES kids and playing with other dogs (she always seems to be everyone’s favorite at the dog park and at doggie daycare), loves liver treats, the beach, and snow (she REALLY loves snow!), and gnawing on antlers and elk & deer “sticks” (legs), and being her sweet adorable playful self while loving on me and Todd. She’s been the picture of health barring only a couple of minor incidents requiring a visit to the vet; those were only the result of her just being a dog doing dog things. Otherwise, absolutely zero issues and just a LOT of love. Her hearing and sense of smell is uncanny, which I already knew about Labradors but it’s so interesting to watch her and observe those traits firsthand. Oh and she LOVES birds – can watch them and be mesmerized by them for hours on end.
She gets spayed next week and we’ll probably be planning another trip to the ocean soon because wow does this girl love to RUN on the beach! We’ve had so much fun in this first year and I’m excited to share so many more adventures with her in the years to come.
Thank you once again!
Beth (& Truffle)
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