Desert Wind Labradors Reaches 15 Years in Business Milestone

Desert Wind Labradors is so proud to announce we are entering our 15th year in the business of providing the finest Labrador Retriever Pups to families and individuals all across the US… the lower 48 and Alaska too!

This is a monumental milestone for us as a completely family owned and operated business.  Some of you will remember the early days when we had Open House Events and Puppy Pickups inside our home during cooler weather and in the yard the rest of the year.  It was our pleasure then to introduce families and individuals to their forever furry friends and it is still our pleasure to do that!  Most who have a Desert Wind Labrador pup (and some who have more than one!) know that we always worked to provide the best fit for both the pup and the family.

Humble Beginnings

Desert Wind Labradors began with just 2 amazing Labrador Retrievers … The Duchess, Ellie May Rising Star and Jake the Otter, Jake Junior ll.  Both have left us years ago since we obtained them when they were older but we would not be what we are today without them and they live on in the lines we currently have as well as in the now adult labs that we placed with wonderful families!

As our operation and facility have expanded one thing is still the same … every litter born here on the Desert Wind is delivered inside our home with us in attendance to assist if necessary.  Some of our girls are very independent and really don’t need help but some need more encouragement (and paw holding!) so we want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.  We are proud of all of the Lab Guys and Gals and their commitment to the whole endeavor.  Actually they all know they play such an important part and really to do love to get the praise and attention.  All our labs mean the world to us.  They are first and foremost our friends, and then partners in the business. 

What’s Coming Next

This next season is shaping up to be really busy so we are spending our down time while the girls are pregnant to do some updates on the puppy barns and around the property.  Our facility is rather rustic by some peoples standards but we have never wanted a brick and mortar dog kennel.  We are looking forward to filming some video of the facility and our Labs to post on the website providing a Virtual Tour to allow people to actually see what we are all about.  This will greatly assist those who are unable to visit during the Open House Events.

Over the last couple of years we have expanded and so our services beyond providing purebred AKC and CKC Lab Pups now include:

  • KinderPuppy and Beginning Family Dog Training CLICK HERE for more information on our training classes
  • MicroChipping Service CLICK HERE
  • Shipping (continental US and Alaska) CLICK HERE
  • Stud Service CLICK HERE

Providing information and resources to new puppy owners has always been a priority so we always send home a folder complete with the Bill of Sale, Kennel Club Registration/Application (AKC or CKC), Current Health Record showing dates of vaccines and parasite treatments as well as guideline for ongoing treatments and booster shots, copy of the  1 Yr Guarantee concerning the genetics of hips and eyes as well as a brochure on basic puppy care.  If a pup completes a training class then we include their Report Card showing exactly what the training involved and how well the pup did.  If the MicroChipping Service is purchased then we send the form with all necessary information to register the pup.  We also invite anyone interested to visit our Resources Page for articles CLICK HERE 


As stated we are expecting litters later this summer and Reserve Deposits are open on them so to check them out please feel free to visit our Pups Coming page CLICK HERE

We have just the puppy for you whether you are looking for a gorgeous chocolate brown from milk to cinnamon to special dark, sleek coal black, white chocolate (yellow with chocolate nose), or honey wheat (classic yellow) to ultra pale yellow!

To find out more about our Lab Guys CLICK HERE  
And more about our Lab Gals CLICK HERE  

Recent Testimonials…

Jeff and Laura,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you guys know that unfortunately our pup Lilly (chocolate lab female, Boone and cocoa) has been laid to rest. Just 4 days ago she was her happy normal self. I do not wish to bring you guys sadness but you guys have provided us with the best years possible. 

I have owned several dogs in my lifetime and Lilly was by far the smartest, emotional, caring, loving, and sweetest pup I have ever had. I just wanted to thank you guys yet again. 

I know you guys have a lot of “clients” and may not remember us. However, my wife Cristina and I came to you as new members of the Air Force out of Spokane after a friend bought a chocolate male named Jake. They recommended you guys to us and so we came and visited. 

At the time there were 3 chocolate females left and we chose Lilly. After choosing her we returned about 2 weeks later to purchase her. I still remember that when we arrived to purchase her we had the exact amount of money required to buy her. The one thing we forgot……the taxes. You guys were so kind you waived the taxes and allowed my wife and I to take her home anyway, and shared a sweet prayer with us. 

I can assure you our pup Lilly lived an exceptionally better life than most pups. Literally hundreds of people in our small town of Darien CT have been visiting, calling, and texting nonstop about what a fascinating and unique pup she truly was. 

Again, I am writing this email with a truly heavy heart and a complete loss of any thoughts moving forward. She was my “one true love” other than my wife of course. 

I just feel it’s important for you guys to know what an impact Lilly made on our lives and it was all made possible by what you guys have done for us. So thank you. 

With a heavy heart, Mike and Cristina Swix


Hi Laura and Jeff,
Just wanted to send you guys a couple pictures of our handsome growing boy Tucker since he has been with us. He is doing amazing. He has been such a wonderful puppy and we are so in love with him. He is loving living on our farm and by the river. He is growing into such a great looking dog. Hope you enjoy the pictures. 

Jessica and Kristine W



Hey Jeff & Laura,

Wanted to write on our year anniversary of picking up Major! What a year it’s been! And what an amazing dog Major has turned out to be…It’s impossible to describe the fun and unconditional love and loyalty he’s brought to our home. He really is the sweetest and most beautiful lab ever. I’ve attached a few of the hundreds of pics and videos I have. Thought you’d like to see him…

Geoff N


Just an update, Koda has turned out to be a very handsome, wonderful companion, he LOVES the water, loves to fetch, very playful, great personality.  I make sure I tell people where we purchase him.  Thanks again.

 The Luces


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Looking forward to speaking with you,
Jeff & Laura McCracken
Desert Wind Labradors .:. Owners/Breeders

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