Happy Thanksgiving & Litter Update

First and foremost we want to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for having people like you being a part of the Desert Wind Labrador Family!

We are also excited to give you an update on the litters we are expecting in January 2020.  First up we are looking for a litter from our girl Molly (she is the daughter of Cinderella and Jetson) on or around January 1st.  Her litter should contain black, chocolate, classic yellow/white chocolate pups.   Then we have our girl Summer (daughter of Sundae and Jetson which makes her the granddaughter of our girls Cocoa and Ebony) with a litter expected around the 15th of January which should have classic yellow/white chocolate pups.  And then towards the end of January we have our girl Shasta expecting a litter of classic yellow/white chocolate, black and chocolate pups.  January will be busy for sure!

And other of our girls will be in heat soon!

Again Happy Thanksgiving from Jeff and I and all the labs here on the Desert Wind!

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