Scout Update

Update sent via Email 11/01/19

Hi Jeff and Laura,

I just wanted to say hello and update you on our sweet Scout. I don’t know if you remember us but my boys and my husband and I drove down to your home 10 years ago to pick out our beautiful Scout. When Scout was young our vet told us she had an enlarged heart and we would be lucky to have 5 years with her. Well, I have my doubts of the accuracy of his diagnosis because she is now 10 years old and doing great. We have been so blessed to have her as part of our family and she has been a dream dog. She continues to bless us daily and I wanted to send you a few pictures of her. I have one of her as a puppy and one of her now with her best friend Milo.

You truly have the best labs around. Their beauty and disposition are gifts to all of us. Thank you for responsibly breeding and blessing us with your very special dogs.

Warmest regards,
Sheela Standley and family

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