Brandy Update

Update sent via Email 1/20/20 (Shasta/Fudge 2017)

Hi Jeff & Laura,

I’ve been thinking about your guys lately as Brandy (Shasta & Fudge Mountain March 18, 2017 litter) and I have been out walking/hiking around. From the updates I have been receiving, which I love to get, it looks like you are expecting some litters any day now. Exciting times.

Brandy and I made it down to the Norse Peak Wilderness area this past summer (near Chinook Pass) and had a great time hiking around. I can’t believe she will be three in March. Shocking how fast the time goes by. Brandy loves our daily walks. She goes bonkers when I get home from work….she knows it’s time to go for a walk. I’ve attached a few photos (may have to send in a couple of emails) of her over the last few weeks.

I removed the deck from my house this past fall, and have been forming up an area to pour a concrete patio. Brandy likes to be involved in the action. She made her own paw prints in a concrete footing. Actually she tried ‘mixing’ (digging) the wet concrete herself after I had already placed it. Just a bit of trowel work took care of that. Then there are the pieces of form board that she likes to carry around. Unfortunately, those boards (like the sticks from the woods) tend to make it out in the middle of the yard. She is so proud of herself for providing assistance.

We had a week of cold weather last week and saw a bit of snow. Snow is just frozen rain to Brandy. She loves precipitation in all forms. Once again, she was making puppy dog snow angles in the snow.

Have a great day guys.


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