Spring 2020 Desert Wind Labrador Litter Updates

As the puppies have started arriving we wanted to send an update of what we now have and what we are still expecting.


Autumn/Jetson’s litter has arrived!  She did have a tiny litter and so we have 1 black male puppy 🙂  He is chubby and lively and she is doing fine as well. Picture on the left.


Then we are happy to also announce the arrival of the Mindy/Rooster litter.  She had 7 pups … yellow/white chocolates and chocolates.  Had a run on males in this litter!  They are all very solid and she is such a good Momma. Pictures below.



Also though we were anticipating a litter from Katie/River it does appear that she did not get pregnant. 🙁

So next up then is the Sundae/Jetson litter due on or around the 23rd.  She is large and definitely pregnant.  Her litter should/could include yellows, blacks, chocolates and white chocolates.


To check out the litters coming CLICK HERE

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