2020 Fall Winter Litter Update

Good Morning … Wanted to post an update on the Fall and Winter 2020 Litters we are expecting.

The newest litter we are excited to announce is the coming AKC litter from our girl Desert Winds Fudge Sundae and Desert Wind Boone’s Boy Jetson which should arrive during Christmas Week in December.  They typically produce black, chocolate, classic yellow and white chocolate pups.

Counting down the days for the arrival of the Mindy/Fudge litter due in the next few days… anticipating chocolate and white chocolate pups from them.

And then around the 18th of November be are expecting the Katie/River litter of chocolate, black, classic yellow and white chocolate pups as well!

This will be a busy but fun holiday season with lots of puppies to bring joy!


RESERVE DEPOSIT STATUS:  All Reserves are currently closed on the Fall /Early Winter/Winter Litters above as of September 18th.  Once the litters have arrived and all Reserves are fulfilled, any puppies available will be posted.

Updates will be posted on our PUPS COMING page.

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