Birth Announcement and Litter Update

Birth Announcement for AKC Kona Rose and Raging River Litter

So excited to announce that on Tuesday, June 29th the AKC Kona and River litter arrived! Seven beautiful puppies … 2 blacks, 5 yellow/white chocolates! Momma and babies doing great. First pictures included.

And we are counting down the last few day until our girls Katie and Mindy are due to deliver their litters! They are both large! This is when they start staying very close to us … following us room to room and checking to make sure that their birthing rooms are set up. And this is when we make sure that once they start nesting they do not end up in a hole or under a bush! We provide the safe and comfortable place for them to give birth.

We continue to provide Kona with a special Mommy-nursing-puppies diet and also give Katie and Mindy special food to help them build strong puppies and maintain their own health.

We are still anticipating heat cycles for our girls Sundae and Summer which should produce Fall 2021 Litters. All of these litters should include puppies that are black, chocolate, classic yellow and white chocolates.

We think sunny summer days and puppies just go together!

Updates will be posted on our PUPS COMING page.

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