Winter/Spring Litter Update

Friday, December 31, 2021

Winter/Spring Litter Update

Wanted to send a Happy Holiday Greeting and an update on how things are progressing here as we move towards the end of the month/year and are looking at the calendar for next year.

Our girl Minderina (Mindy) started her heat cycle and in fact also was successfully paired with our boy Red Rooster.  So we are anticipating their AKC litter the last week in February.  They should have chocolate and yellow/white chocolate puppies.

Katie has not started her heat cycle yet but looks to be right on schedule for the next couple of weeks (mid to late January).  Most likely we will pair her with our boy Truck Stop again. 

They had a wonderful AKC litter of pups last time … blacks and chocolates plus yellows/white chocolates.  We will post an update once that happens.




The other litter we are looking for in late Spring would be from our girl Summertime (Summer).

To submit  an Advanced Reserve Application on our Spring AKC litters and secure a position in line CLICK HERE 

For more information on the upcoming litters CLICK HERE

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