Countdown to Puppies!


Countdown to Puppies!

Well the days are going by as we countdown to the expected AKC Katie/Truck Stop litter!

Katie is receiving the special Momma-to-be meals to fortify her for the impending delivery. And we have set up her “nest” so she knows she has a safe comfortable place when her time comes.

From her size we expect the potential delivery date of on or around February 26th to be accurate.

As a reminder, we typically wait 24-48 hours once the pups arrive to make sure Momma and babies are all doing well and then we send out Birth Announcements either by email or text to the individuals/families with the reserve deposits in place.

Once we have heard back from those who confirm their desire to use their deposit on the available pups then we post the updates on our website and Facebook page.

We still have room for a couple more deposits so for more information on that you may check out the Pups Coming page.

To place an Advanced Reserve Deposit CLICK HERE 

Momma-To-Be Katie …













Papa-To-Be Truck Stop …

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