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Ivan Dahmen Vet Check-up

Update sent via Email .:. Mar 27, 2017 Ivan Dahmen Vet Check-up Hi, Jeff and Laura. Sending you the vet documents for Ivan’s first doctors visit. He is doing well and we are really enjoying him!

Zuki Is Adorable

Update sent via Email .:. Mar 21, 2017 Zuki (Maisy/Boone) … She is adorable. She is a good student very smart two more weeks and will graduate from beginning puppy obedience class . Thank you so much??? Vida  

Cedar Is Amazing!

Update sent via Email .:. Mar 2, 2017 Jeff and Laura! Cedar (10 weeks)(Tootsie/Buckshot), is amazing. She knows her name, sit, stay, come, and kennel and is ready for each new challenge we throw at her! We started working on lie down yesterday. She is very intelligent and eager to learn. She loves her duck toy, […]

Cooper from Tootsie/Buckshot Litter

Update sent via Email .:. Feb 27, 2017 Hi Jeff and Laura, Things are going well. Cooper (Tootsie/Buckshot) has adjusted to the new environment and house. He’s really timid about anything new.  He’s getting lots of love and attention from the kids and as he gets older he’s getting to explore more and more of the […]


Update sent via Email .:. Feb 14, 2017 Everything is coming along fine considering the weather.  Skeeter goes to door when she wants out and only has occasional accident when playing with her big sister Minka.  Both born on the 13th and had a birthday yesterday, Minka 7mo (Kona/Fudge) and Skeeter 2mo (Maisy/Boone).  Skeeter is […]

All Spring 2017 Lab Litters Have Arrived

So excited to announce that all the pups are here for the Spring 2017 Litters! Shasta and Fudge Mountain delivered their AKC litter of lab pups on March 18th! Beautiful litter, all spoken for!  First pictures below: Autumn Rain and Raging River delivered their AKC litter of lab pups on March 18th! Beautiful litter, Black Male […]

Birth Announcements for First Spring 2017 Litters

We are excited to announce that Sweet Petunia and Fudge Mountain delivered their AKC litter of lab pups on March 11th. Petunia has always run her own schedule and this time around was no exception.  While I was on the road Saturday morning, Jeff informed me that Petunia had started her labor contractions which is one […]

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