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Update sent via Email 1/14/20 (Sundae/Jetson 2019) Here’s a picture of Rosie in her kennel, she’s starting to learn more and more! She’s growing like a weed, and she’s so cute. She’s adjusting very well as another member of our family! We’ll try and take some picture again when she’s on her various walks in […]

Merry Christmas

Update sent via Email 12/26/19 (Sundae/Jetson 2018) Merry Christmas to you and your pack. I wanted to tell you about Sky. She is a mama now. She had 14!! She is a great mama and such a good docile girl. We love her so much!! Thank you again for her!!

Jackson II

Update sent via Email 3/04/19    Hi Jeff and Laura,   Jackson is doing very well, he has acclimated to us and our home very nicely. There are some puppy issues with our 18 ½ year old Calico, he just can’t seem to leave her alone. We are trying to let them work it out […]


Update sent via Email 3/14/19 (Sundae/Jetson YF)   Hi Laura.  Sky is about a year old now. She is such a good girl. So loyal to me. Stays right by me. We go on hikes with our dogs and she doesnt even leave my side…its crazy. Shed be a great service dog for sure!! Thank […]

Rio’s First Vet Visit

Update sent via Email 2/22/19    Hi Laura & Jeff, As per your request we are attaching a copy of Rio’s first Preventive Care Examination. It appears he is a healthy vibrant young puppy which we love very much already.   I will send you pictures later in the spring. We are so happy with […]

Easton and Roslyn

Update sent via Email 10/18/18  Hi Jeff and Laura, its been quite a few months since sharing an update so here goes one. Easton and Roslyn are 6 1/2 months old now and are doing well. Besides being beautiful they both have turned out to be such adorable, loving and smart companions. Both of them […]

Update on Bodhi

Update sent via Email 8/21/18 Hey Jeff and Laura, I know it has been a while since I updated you guys. Bodhi is doing AMAZING. He is such a great pup and so smart! He’s also growing like a weed. Up to 48lbs and still plenty of skin to grow into. He has mastered sit […]

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