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Update on Sky

Update sent via Email 8/15/18  Hi Jeff and Laura. I took a few new pics of sky. She is such a great dog!!! She’s going to be tall… long thoroughbred legs ?? we love her so much!! She’s such a sweet girl. Thanks again. Please follow and like us:


Update sent via Email 7/3/18 .:.  Jeff and Laura, I wanted to give you an update on Zoey. Zoey is so awesome, we just love her. She hops everywhere she goes, you would think she was a dear. We built a huge pen for our dogs that’s about 200 ft perimeter and 4 ft high, […]

Max and Dakota

Update sent via Email 12/14/17 .:. Here are the latest pics of the dogs. They are doing good, walking with leash,have learned to walk up & down the ramp into the truck. They sure a lot of fun! Please follow and like us:

Charlie is doing great!

Update sent via Email 11/22/17 .:. Hi Jeff and Laura – Charlie is doing great!  We are so impressed by how smart he is.  He mastered SIT, STAY, COME so fast and is a whopping 20lbs already!  He’s healthy and just a love.  Thank you so much for such a sweet boy! Couple of pics […]


Update sent via Email .:. 11/12/17 Hello, we just love Zoey. We were going to send you pictures but haven’t gotten around to it. She loves her home and her friends. Janice Please follow and like us:


Update sent via Email .:. 11/11/17 We named him Sage and he is doing well. We hung bells on the door and he lets us know when he needs to go out! Temperament is showing to be bright and calm… loves his people. Thank you! Simone Please follow and like us:

Dakota & Max Update

Update sent via Email .:. 11/11/17 Hi Jeff & Laura, Dakota & Max are doing pretty well but we continue to work hard on getting them house broken. Some days are good and some days are not so good as you well know. Max is a real handful. He is not a quiet boy at […]

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