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Norm Update

Update sent via Facebook I just wanted to thank you for such a fine dog! Norm, our pup from the Dallas- Cinderella litter has grown into such an awesome working/family dog. Today he had his first unassisted shed antler return. He is the most physically and mentally capable dogs I’ve had pleasure of working with. […]

Brody- May litter of Dallas and Cinderella

Update sent via Email We are loving watching Brody grow quickly! He has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience. He is an expert on counter surfing…although we are working to change that skill. 🙂 Thanks for our healthy, happy puppy!   The McGrath Family Please follow and like us:

Update on Benelli (Nelli)

Update sent via Email Hello! I thought you would be pleased to know I have Benelli at Conway Kennels, getting trained to hunt upland birds. The trainer/handler there (Brooke Van de Brake Jr.) and I are very pleased with her progress. Brooke says she really seems to love hunting and working with live birds and […]

Sage Update

Update sent via email 10/26/14  Sage is 8 1/2 months now and had her first weekend hunting. Flushed two pheasants retrieved 1. My older lab retrieved the other. She also retrieved 5 ducks this morning. Pretty good for her age I think.                   Please follow and like […]


Good Afternoon Laura, Ali had another check up on Friday…she is doing well. Weighing in at 20 pounds now and parasite free:) She is definitely “Daddy’s Little Girl”. So cute and fun! She has the right personality for Dock Dogs….highly motivated for toys, jumps at them already, retrieves consistently, sits, stays and down. We start […]


We named her Alishea with a call name of Ali. She did well the first night…only got up once. Reggie has really connected with her; it is cute. Sydney is setting the tone of alpha female and if they play too much she is the refree. She is very busy when she is awake…Here are […]

Our DWL pup, Bo!

Our 8 month old black lab, Bo, from Boone and Ebony’s litter, showing his stuff!! He is a great dog who is very lovable and much loved by our family as well!! He loves to play and will get all of his toys out wanting you to play fetch! At just 8 months, he is […]

Update on Ruech

Hi Jeff and Laura, we wanted to update you on Ruech! He is getting bigger and climbs our stairs, he gave us 8 1/2 hours of sleep and he went for a swim in our little pond today! 🙂 He plays fetch really well and uses his nose to find stuff! I’m sending you a […]


Here are two recent pictures of Nelson (Ebony & Boone) at 4 months old. He is a bundle of energy and so much fun. He is going great in obedience class too.   Please follow and like us:

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