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Spring 2016 Litter Update

We are excited to announce the litters we are expecting during the spring 2016 season!  Although we have litters coming in March and April we are waiting for those to be born to announce availability due to the Reserve Deposits we already have in place on them.  You may monitor their progress on the Litter […]


Update sent via Email Good Evening!  Hope you two are doing well!  Avery is a year old now and had a successful first year of bird hunting too.  She’s an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament.  An amazing addition to our family.  Thank you! -The Pewitts, Matt, Sarah, Ethan, Maddie, and Avery

Sage Update

Update sent via email 10/26/14  Sage is 8 1/2 months now and had her first weekend hunting. Flushed two pheasants retrieved 1. My older lab retrieved the other. She also retrieved 5 ducks this morning. Pretty good for her age I think.                  

Merry Christmas

Miss Sadie is doing great. She hates her kennel so I am going to get a smaller one today, the one we got is a large so hopefully the new one works. She is starting to get used to going outside to potty. She follows Angela everywhere and loves to sleep on her. She is […]

RE: Puppy Pickup

We decided to name him”Brooks” after some 2 days deliberation between the family. He’s doing good. Was reluctant to eat the first 36 hours and just nibbled and picked. But today he has eaten 2 full meals. As far as potty training He’s getting pretty good at holding it till I take him out, though […]

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