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Yellow Dog Ranch Update

Update sent via Facebook  Our 12.5 year old sweet girl “Story”….. An awesome mentor to our two Desert Wind pups. “Lily Coyote Zipperhead” (Lily for short of course) and little snuggle bug “Bogie”. Yep, all three sleep in bed with us. Our sign on the porch tells our story …   Please follow and like […]

PJ after the flight home

Update sent via Email PJ at home and at the office … she has 2 speeds … Zero and Mach 2!  PJ went to the Vet as scheduled and was found to be in excellent health.  She weighs 21 pounds as of last night, and has grown significantly.   She is a really great dog, […]


Update sent via Email Hi Jeff and Laura! Just wanted to send some photos of Jäger in his new Alaskan home. He’s such a great companion already and is learning quickly. It’s been roughly 5 weeks since he’s been here and he’s already mastered “sit” and is working on “lay down”. He definitely knows his […]

Merry Christmas Jeff and Laura

Update sent via Email Jeff and Laura, Thank you for the Merry Christmas. We thought we would send you an update on Floki! Here is a picture of him with our son, he received the first Christmas present of the morning! 😉 Also, I don’t think we ever told you that Floki has since out […]


Hello Jeff & Laura, We wanted to let you know how well Peyton is doing and send a couple of pictures.  She is definitely part of the family – even the cat will let her lay with him occasionally.  My favorite part is how well she gets along with Memphis, our old chocolate lab – […]

Brody- May litter of Dallas and Cinderella

Update sent via Email We are loving watching Brody grow quickly! He has graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience. He is an expert on counter surfing…although we are working to change that skill. 🙂 Thanks for our healthy, happy puppy!   The McGrath Family Please follow and like us:

Bushman Update

Update sent via Email Bushman, a Desert Wind Labrador pup from the Pearl/Boone litter last year, has a new family and is doing fabulous!  Thanks for sending us pictures … everyone is looking good! Please follow and like us:

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