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Beau the Good Boy

Update sent via Email .:. May 7, 2017 Beau and Bear spent the sunny Saturday getting to know each other. They both seem happy to have a buddy. Beau has settled in very well. Still sleeping all night and no potty mishaps at all. Our vet visit is Monday.   

Beau the Puppy

Update sent via Email .:. May 4 & 5 2017 Hi Jeff and Laura Made it home with beau and he is fitting with the family just fine wanted to take a minute and thank you again  George & Pachia  May 5, 2017 Beau the Puppy Beau is doing super. He slept all night. Has […]

Harper (Gross)

Update sent via Email .:. May 4, 2017 Hi Jeff and Laura, I bet you didn’t expect to be hearing from us so soon, but this little girl has already shown us such a huge personality! We got her home and she went potty outside. So far she hasn’t had one accident in the house! […]

Birth Announcements for First Spring 2017 Litters

We are excited to announce that Sweet Petunia and Fudge Mountain delivered their AKC litter of lab pups on March 11th. Petunia has always run her own schedule and this time around was no exception.  While I was on the road Saturday morning, Jeff informed me that Petunia had started her labor contractions which is one […]

Tootsie and Buckshot Puppies Arrive!

.:.We are so excited to announce the arrival of the Winter 2016 AKC litter of Tootsie and Buckshot’s lab pups.  Starting at about 2 PM on Tuesday, December 20th  when she finished up she had 7 beautiful puppies … 2 yellow/white chocolate, 1 black and 4 chocolate … 1 chocolate female and 6 males.  Momma […]

Open House Events 2016

.:. Here is the Photo Album of our Open House Events for 2016 … what an awesome year!  Introducing families to their new puppies is one of our favorite things for sure! [wowslider id=”88″]

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