Category: Pups from Fudge Mountain/Kona Rose

Update on Jet (Kona/Fudge 2015)

Update sent via Email 12/27/18 Hi Jeff and Laura, we wanted to say Happy New Year and thanks again for the wonderful addition to our family. Jet is a Mommas boy for sure and is the best snuggler. He loves playing fetch and is a gentle buddy to the chickens and our cat, Oreo, too! […]

Sophie~Grace (AKA Daisy)

Update sent via Email .:. 8/30/17 Sophie~Grace is doing very well, she’s a great dog. Very loving and loyal. Loves to lay at our feet. Follows us around everywhere. She is mostly house trained (with an occasional accident from time to time. We are still working with her on walking nicely with us on leash. […]

Kimber update

Update sent via Email .:. July 17, 2017 Good evening! Our girl Kimber -3.5 months (Fudge Mountain/Kona) is so much more than we could have anticipated. She is so smart! Potty trained, has basic commands down, sleeping in her crate through the night, fetching, swimming and walking on a leash. We can’t thank you enough […]

Hello from Nani(Kona-Fudge)!

Update sent via Email .:. July 16, 2017 Hi Jeff and Laura, Sorry for such a VERY delayed update! Nani is doing really well and has grown so much in the last 8 weeks! At her first check up with the vet a few days after getting home, she weighed in at 12lbs. She loves […]

Update: Cola

Update sent via Email .:. June 24, 2017 Cola is doing great. We are still working on the potty training and he has a few accidents, but is doing great. He loves to play and nap. He has done great with the kids. He now weighs 24lbs and gained 3lbs last week alone.  

Update on Frodo

Update sent via Email .:. June 19, 2017 Good Evening Jeff & Laura, Frodo survived his trip home in the car and has had two vet visits. The most recent one he weighed 22.2 pounds. He has been sleeping through the night and going to the door when he has to potty. We have been […]


Update sent via Email .:. June 11, 2017 It’s been a month and we wanted to give you an update. Joey is an amazing puppy. He is handsome, smart and a little firecracker. We are enjoying him and love him very much…it really is hard to remember our lives without him in it. He lives […]


Update sent via Email .:. May 26, 2017 Stormi is doing awesome by far the smartest dog we have ever had. She is so playful and has been picking up things fast. Almost potty trained. She has a few accidents here and there but for the most part wakes me at night to let her […]