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Kenai & Bo

Update sent via Facebook 12/24/18 (Petunia/Boone-Katie/River WCM/CM) Bo (left) turned 7 on December 18th and Kenai (right) turns 1 on February 3rd, love my boys more than anything, thank you!   Please follow and like us:

Bo in AK

Update sent via Email 12/29/18 (Katie/River CM) Hi there! We made it back to AK today (attached a couple of pictures) he is a sweet pup. He was homesick as to be expected and not a fond traveler at first but he did so good on the plane ride. Thank you so much for him, […]

Update on Wyatt River Bolt

Update sent via Email 6/1/18 .:.  Hi Laura and Jeff! Hope you and your pups are all doing well! Wanted to send an update on Wyatt as we approach the 4 months milestone! Wyatt is such a good dog! He is very calm and chill overall and we not only feel this way about him […]

Kenai Update

Update sent via Email 4/7/18 .:. Kenai is my best friend and I needed him most in this difficult time, thank you so much he’s affected my life so much for the better. And Bo loves him too.   Please follow and like us:


Update sent via Email Here are some pictures of Zoey!  Our family absolutely loves her.  She is loving and energetic. V. Espinoza, RN, BSN Please follow and like us:

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