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Update on Benelli (Nelli)

Update sent via Email Hello! I thought you would be pleased to know I have Benelli at Conway Kennels, getting trained to hunt upland birds. The trainer/handler there (Brooke Van de Brake Jr.) and I are very pleased with her progress. Brooke says she really seems to love hunting and working with live birds and […]

We named her Poppy!

Update sent via email Hi Jeff & Laura, Thank you so much for the paperwork! We are going to the vet today at 3:30pm, so that was perfect timing. Our pooch is doing great! We named her Poppy (Alaskan Midnight Poppy) and she is already starting to recognize it. Potty training is going extremely well, […]


Update sent via email 11/17/14 Thanks so much for an amazing dog. He has adjusted very well, and is growing like a weed. He is already 18.5 lbs at 9 weeks. He is exactly what we were looking for. He is so cute my poor husband is having a hard time getting any work done […]

RE: Bandit

(Originally sent to us via email April 8th) Here are some pictures of bandit enjoying his new home! Thanks again for such a great pup! Cullen K Please follow and like us:


(Originally sent to us via email April 2014) Hi Jeff and Laura. We just wanted to send you a couple of adorable pictures of Sage. She is doing great…figured out the routine here and is a happy, smart pup. She knows her name already and is doing good with the “come” comand. We’ve been starting […]

Sadie (Tinkerbell/Dallas Litter)

Hi Jeff and Laura! Sadie has had a great first week! She is definitely spunky but we are loving every second of it!!! We wanted to share a couple pictures with you to keep you updated on her first week. Thank you again for the amazing pup, we are loving all the new adventures that come […]

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