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Happy Thanksgiving And Update on Howard

Update sent via Email 11/24/17  .:. Happy Thanksgiving Laura!!! I have attached a couple of pictures of Howard at 11 months old! Words can’t describe how much we love him! He’s so sweet and so very smart! A little stubborn and at times dramatic. Spoiled rotten? For sure !!! ?? he’s so precious !!! Everyone […]

Charlie is doing great!

Update sent via Email 11/22/17 .:. Hi Jeff and Laura – Charlie is doing great!  We are so impressed by how smart he is.  He mastered SIT, STAY, COME so fast and is a whopping 20lbs already!  He’s healthy and just a love.  Thank you so much for such a sweet boy! Couple of pics […]

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Update sent via Email 12/27/16 Here’s a little update on Jager! He’s a super healthy and happy boy and recently moved to Oregon over the summer while I attend Oregon Tech. He’s a big lover and is going to get some practice retrieving ducks in the near future with some friends! Happy New Year! Paisley […]

Merry Christmas

Miss Sadie is doing great. She hates her kennel so I am going to get a smaller one today, the one we got is a large so hopefully the new one works. She is starting to get used to going outside to potty. She follows Angela everywhere and loves to sleep on her. She is […]

Puppy Family Updates …

Good morning I finally have pictures of Amber to send you. She has grown and she settled in just after a few days. She is a hunter, we had wild rabbits on our property and she chases them. So now we don’t have anymore to deal with. We love her very much. Mary Spires >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> […]

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