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Our Desert Wind Girl Lily

Update sent via Facebook Our Desert Wind baby girl Lily, bonding with our 12 yo girl, Story….Lily wants to be friends SO bad and follows Story everywhere….super cute. Please follow and like us:


Update sent via Email   Solomon is thriving!    Growing rapidly, wearing us out with his energy.   Now about 40lbs of solid go.  Loving personality, perfect health.  Jumps into my leather recliner then sits there daring me to evict him.   All is well here.   New pictures attached.   Obviously Solomon still thinks of himself as a lap […]


Update sent via Email Hi Jeff and Laura! Just wanted to send some photos of Jäger in his new Alaskan home. He’s such a great companion already and is learning quickly. It’s been roughly 5 weeks since he’s been here and he’s already mastered “sit” and is working on “lay down”. He definitely knows his […]


Hello Jeff & Laura, We wanted to let you know how well Peyton is doing and send a couple of pictures.  She is definitely part of the family – even the cat will let her lay with him occasionally.  My favorite part is how well she gets along with Memphis, our old chocolate lab – […]


Update sent via email 11/19/14 You guys have given us the perfect puppy!   Easy drive home, slept most of the time in the back of my car.   Peed once in the car, right on the big towel I had stretched out for just that reason.   So far, not a single problem in our house.   He […]

RE: Puppy Delivery

Update sent via email 11/19/14 He’s such a good little boy already. Debating on names but he’s really sweet. Needed a bath off the plane and he loved the water!! Please follow and like us:

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