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Desert Wind Labradors is very pleased to offer the following Desert Wind Boys at stud …



Desert Wind Boone’s Boy Jetson “Jetson”
AKC Number: SR93190102 
Date Whelped: 5/03/2016

Color: BLACK
Body Style: American Field

Boone’s Boy Jetson is the prime example of a statuesque American Field Black male labrador retriever.  Seeing him move in the field is poetry in motion and we are very proud to have produced him here on the Desert Wind from a litter of Buckskin Boone and Ebony Rose.

He is showing all the conformation and instinct that is so evident in his Dam and Sire.  CLICK HERE to view Jetson’s AKC Pedigree.

Desert Wind’s Big Red Rooster “Rooster”

AKC Number: SS07475705
Date Whelped: 8/30/2018

Body Style: American Field Lab

Born on the Desert Wind to our girl Black Kona Rose and our sire Raging River, Rooster, is a fine example of the American Field Lab with a red tint to his White Chocolate coat. Sleek and powerful is what he is!

A true tribute to his parents and grandparents here and we are proud to offer his pups! Hunt instinct and focus plus sweet temperament. All business in the field but great as a companion and best friend.

CLICK HERE for his pedigree.

Desert Wind’s Truck Stop “Truck”

AKC Number: SS04678607 
Date Whelped: March 24, 2018
Color: BLACK
Body Style: American Field Lab/English Body Style Cross

Truck was born here on the Desert Wind to our boy River and our girl Autumn. And he is really the spitting image of her Papa River in a black coat. He is eager to please and so smart! Learns quickly and super sweet temperament.

Coaly black and so handsome. We are thrilled to have him in the breeding program and confident that his puppies will be the knockouts that his older sister Mindy has produced here whether it is as amazing hunters and family companions.

CLICK HERE for his pedigree


The Desert Wind Stud program allows the amazing genetics that our Desert Wind Boys possess to be carried into the future and we are proud to offer this service. 

Labrador Retriever Stud Dog Service


To start the process of securing a position on our Breeding Calendar CLICK HERE to submit the DW Stud Service Contract/Questionnaire.



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