DWL Prices, Reserves & Policies

Purchase, Reserve, Shipping & Delivery Policies:

  Purchase Instructions:  After deciding which gender and color you desire, check out the Pups Available, Pups Coming or Litter Updates pages for availability.  Or contact us via email or give us a call.

Puppies are weaned and ready to go at 49 days old (if shipping is necessary, 8 weeks).If you decide to pick up your puppy or have him/her delivered, we can usually do this between the 7th and 8th week.

There is a lot of discussion and some “experts” advise bringing your puppy home at 7 weeks.  This is a generalization for all puppies and not necessarily pertinent to Labrador Retrievers.  It all depends on how the litter is managed from birth until the puppy is placed in a home.  The main concern seems to be nurturing and socialization.  At the Desert Wind we handle the puppies from birth so we are actively involved in their nurturing and socialization from the very beginning.  This allows us to observe their interaction and sometimes intervene to assist the weaker pups with getting the proper nutrition and personalized attention.

All our puppies come with a Health Record showing their first shots and parasite treatments.   All puppies come with limited AKC registration and a 1 year Written Guarantee against genetic defects (eye and hip).  For full registration there is an additional $500 fee.

Purchase Prices:
All Puppies with Limited Registration – All colors – Male or Female $1250
All Puppies with Full Registration with Breeding Rights – All colors – Male or Female $1750

The only difference in the 2 registrations is the Breeding Rights, either way the pup is 100% registered to you and 100% purebred Labrador retriever.

Placing Puppy on Reserve:  This is your commitment to buy … the initial payment to RESERVE a puppy is $250 – you may place your Reserve Deposit online or call us.  The RESERVE Deposit is Transferable (to a different litter) but NON REFUNDABLE.  What we guarantee is that we will carefully monitor the girls heat cycles and will personally supervise the breedings of the boys and girls.  What we cannot guarantee is the ultimate number of puppies in each litter, the colors or how many males or females.  Nor can we prevent the rare but occasional false pregnancy or loss of a litter … these can only be considered “acts of God”. If a reserve deposit is transferred due to any of the above stated circumstances it will be placed in the next available position on all litters coming which meet your original preferences or criteria.

After the Reserve Deposit is made you will then receive a confirmation of your request.  When the litter is born we will send you a Birth Announcement with pictures.

As the puppies grow we will send photos and video clips plus personality profiles to assist you in making the selection.  We want to stay connected to be sure that we are able to provide you with the right puppy for you in your circumstances.  We only want it to be a win-win for both the puppy and you.


Just prior to when the puppy reaches 5 weeks old we will send you an invoice via email for you to complete the purchase if you haven’t already done so.  Your final payment must be made before the puppy reaches 5 weeks or you lose your rights to the puppy and forfeit your Reserve Payment.

If for any reason you are unable to take immediate possession of your puppy, arrangements need to be made or there may be a $35 a day Boarding Fee to cover the food and continued care needed which would
start the day after your puppy turns 7 weeks old and continues up to the actual day of delivery or pickup. 

NOTE:  If it is necessary to transfer or roll over your Reserve Deposit either due to conflicts on your end or preferred puppy is not available in first selected litter then you will be added to the selection order in the next available litter with your preferences after Reserve Deposits already in place and according to the actual date your original Reserve Deposit was placed.

We cannot guarantee how many puppies, exactly which colors or how many boy or girl puppies will be born in any litter but we do guarantee you will get the puppy you desire.  And if for any reason you are not satisfied with the puppy available we will gladly roll your Reserve over to a different puppy that suits you.

We take Reserve Deposits using the information available to us from past litters… sometimes we are surprised.  If we post on the Litter Updates or Pups Coming page that we have closed Reserves on any litter and you place a Reserve Deposit using the Advanced Reserve Deposit Application we assume you are interest in a future litter and not the one we are currently expecting.

Shipping Information: We ship fast and safe to all of the continental United States for an additional $550 which covers your puppy’s travel crate, food and water dishes, delivery to our airport and airfare to the airport of your choice.

We handle all the arrangements – you simply pick up your new puppy!

And do not be concerned – your puppy will spend the majority of his/her trip fast asleep!
And no, we do not sedate puppies before travel – it is dangerous and completely unnecessary!

Your puppy will be shipped at 8 weeks old – usually within 48 hours.

Alaska Airlines is our preferred shipper for puppies.  For more information about their services CLICK HERE

AKC Registration Information:  All Desert Wind Labrador puppies are AKC registered.  Limited Registration is given on your Desert Wind Labrador Puppy, if you desire the full registration without restrictions there is an additional $500 fee.


Delivery and Pick Up Information:  We can deliver to anywhere in Washington State with a trip charge starting at $350*.  Or you may pick up your puppy at our facility by scheduled appointment.

*$350 Trip Charge covers a 200 mile radius from Desert Wind, beyond that additional charges apply.


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