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Sire: Desert Wind Buckaroo Buckshot

AKC Number: SR70629807Desert Wind Buckaroo Buckshot
Date Whelped: 12/18/2011

Body Style: American Field Lab/English Body Style Cross

Buckshot was born and raised here on the Desert Wind to our Sweet Petunia. He has the streamline physique of the American Field Lab with the solid strength of the English body style. Through Sweet Petunia he carries on the Jake Junior and Kate’s Beauty line both of whom lived out their lives with us here on the Desert Wind.

He is pale and gorgeous … very smart and eager to please like his parents. We are thrilled  to see more of his puppies produced here because we know they are amazing hunters and family companions.


Sire: Desert Wind Fudge Mountain

AKC Number: SR71916306 
Date Whelped: 3/15/2012

Body Style: American Field

Fudge Mountain is a tribute to his Sire and Dam! Statuesque and proud describes him physically.  And such a big sweetheart!

Chocolate like him Momma Cocoa Dreams with cinnamon highlights and large like his Papa Buckskin Boone!

His contribution to the breeding program produces pups that have a strong hunt and ball drive.  So we anticipate more hunters and working dogs as well as amazing family dogs and companions.


Sire: Desert Wind’s Raging River

AKC Number: SR76960505 
Date Whelped: 3/28/2013
Body Style: American Field/English Body Style Cross

River brings the solid compact body that exemplifies the English body style however he produces more consistently pups that show the American Field Lab Body style.  We are proud to have him into our kennel breeding program.

His offspring are of a medium size and full of the sweet easy going nature that he possesses.  Plus his pedigree shows fine examples of several known kennels in the Northwest.


Sire: Desert Wind Boone’s Boy Jetson

AKC Number: SR93190102
CKC Number: LR-05016591
Date Whelped: 5/03/2016

Color: BLACK
Body Style: American Field

Boone’s Boy Jetson is the prime example of a statuesque American Field Black male labrador retriever.  Seeing him move in the field is poetry in motion and we are very proud to have produced him here on the Desert Wind from a litter of Buckskin Boone and Ebony Rose.

He is showing all the conformation and instinct that is so evident in his Dam and Sire.

We are excited to be able to offer his first ever litter coming in August with our Brushfire Maisy Doo!