Blacks Lab Ladies


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These are our beautiful Black Labrador Ladies


Puppy Paw Prints

Dam: Cinderella of the Desert Wind – “Cindy”

AKC Number: SR63918408 Cinderella of the Desert Wind
Date Whelped:7/31/2010
Color: BLACK
Body Style: American Field Lab

Cindy was born and bred right here on the Desert Wind to Pearl Girl and Buckskin Boone.  She carries wonderful characteristics of both Dam and Sire.  She is larger than her mother and leggier like her father.  A beautiful example of the American Field Lab.

Champions on both sides make her pedigree solid (Her pedigree shows Field Champion CK’s Slick Willy and Master Hunter Columbia’s Slick Black Ice) and she seeks to interact with us which shows how her puppies will be great family dogs as well.

She is smart and quick in training … We are excited to offer her puppies to our clients.



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Puppy Paw Prints

Dam: Desert Wind Ebony’s Black Kona Rose – “Kona” Kona
AKC Number: SR74997406
Date Whelped: 11/02/2012

Color: BLACK
Body Style: American Field Lab

Impressive is what people say when they see Kona. She carries herself like royalty and is the spitting image of her momma Ebony.  Erect, solid and all business on a retrieve. But still super playful and extremely affectionate.

Kona’s pups will be great hunters and very athletic.

Her pups are a great asset to our breeding program.





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