Yellow/White Chocolate Lab Ladies



These are our fabulous Yellow and White Chocolate Labrador Ladies …

Dam: Desert Wind Sweet Petunia Blossom – “Petunia”

AKC Number: SR49438004Sweet Petunia Blossom
CKC Number: LR-04024660
Date Whelped: 4/4/2009
Color: YELLOW (Liver Nosed or White Chocolate)
Body Style: English

Petunia was born and bred here on the Desert Wind … her Sire is Jake and her Dam is Katie.

She is the prime example of what we refer to as a White Chocolate Labrador Retriever.  She has a dual registry, with both AKC and CKC, as a yellow per their standards and she has a beautiful pale yellow coat but inside is the DNA to show she is more chocolate than anything!  Her puppies will be both yellow and chocolate.  And in fact the only way for her to produce the black lab puppies is if she is mated to a black male!

She is very playful and affectionate. Really sweet personality but when you are ready to work out in the field or play at the lake, she is full of energy and ready to go.  She has an English Lab body style and the set of her ears and solidity of her head is gorgeous.



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Puppy Paw Prints

Dam: Desert Wind’s Shasta Cream Soda – “Shasta”

AKC Number:  SR79641504 Desert Wind Shasta Cream Soda
Date Whelped: 10/12/2013
Color:  YELLOW 
Body Style: American Field Lab

Shasta is one of our own and we are very proud to add her to our breeding program.  Carries the solid traits of Daisy and Boone in temperament and ability.  She is great on and off the field.

She is a large girl and has a beautiful lean American Field lab physique.  Her puppies are amazing.





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Puppy Paw Prints

Dam: Desert Wind’s Pixie Stix – “Pixie”

AKC Number: SR86251404Pixie2
Date Whelped: 1/27/2015
Color: YELLOW (Liver Nosed or White Chocolate)
Body Style: American Field

Pixie is a 3rd generation Desert Wind girl.  Her Momma is Kona Rose and her Papa is Fudge Mountain.  Beautiful, pale White Chocolate presenting as an American Field Lab she is such an wonderful example of what her heritage is.

Sweet and people oriented but really birdy in the field.  We are excited to offer her first pups this season and look forward to seeing them grow up and grow into their full potential!

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