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Merry Christmas

Update sent via Email 12/26/19 (Sundae/Jetson 2018) Merry Christmas to you and your pack. I wanted to tell you about Sky. She is a mama now. She had 14!! She is a great mama and such a good docile girl. We love her so much!! Thank you again for her!! Please follow and like us:

Kenai & Bo

Update sent via Facebook 12/24/18 (Petunia/Boone-Katie/River WCM/CM) Bo (left) turned 7 on December 18th and Kenai (right) turns 1 on February 3rd, love my boys more than anything, thank you!   Please follow and like us:


Update sent via Email 10/11/18  Hi! I have not written in a while so I thought we’d check in! Bailey is 3 1/2 now and and has been working as a therapy dog for about two years now! He goes to visit the elderly, the airport, adults with disabilities and more! He is so sweet […]

Maisy Doo’s CKC Lab Litter is Here!

The CKC Lab litter of Maisy Doo and Boone’s Boy Jetson arrived on February 10th.  She had 5 pups – 3 blacks (2 female & 1 male) and 2 chocolates (1 female & 1 male) … no yellows.  Momma and babies doing great!  See first pictures above and below. All Email Birth Announcements were sent … if you did […]

Enzo with Santa

Update sent via Email 11/30/17 .:. Good Morning, Here is Enzo our lovable Labrador (almost 2 1/2 months old and nearly 25 pounds) with Santa. Photo taken at NOAH for charity 2017. Regards, Tim and Lynn Please follow and like us:

Solomon is Thriving!

Update sent via Email 12/09/17 .:.  Laura, Solomon is thriving, strong, healthy, so loving.   The perfect Labrador.    I will send you fresh pictures in a few minutes, have to move them to this computer. Mark Robinson Please follow and like us:

Happy Thanksgiving And Update on Howard

Update sent via Email 11/24/17  .:. Happy Thanksgiving Laura!!! I have attached a couple of pictures of Howard at 11 months old! Words can’t describe how much we love him! He’s so sweet and so very smart! A little stubborn and at times dramatic. Spoiled rotten? For sure !!! ?? he’s so precious !!! Everyone […]

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