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Update sent via Email 3/14/19 (Sundae/Jetson YF)   Hi Laura.  Sky is about a year old now. She is such a good girl. So loyal to me. Stays right by me. We go on hikes with our dogs and she doesnt even leave my side…its crazy. Shed be a great service dog for sure!! Thank […]


Update sent via Email 1/4/19 (Maisy/Jetson YF) Hey Jeff and Laura! Took me a while to get back to you but wanted to let you know all is well with our girl, Piper:) She is such a lovey. Still learning to not jump up out of excitement. She is growing like a weed. She takes […]

Sitkoh is doing great

Update sent via Email 11/13/18 (Maisy/Jetson CM) Laura, Sitkoh is doing great. Sleeping very well and improving on potty outside. We have been taking him to the beach and he jumped in the water with our other lab and is learning to retrieve the tennis ball well. Couldn’t be happier with him!!! Thanks  Stephen   […]

Update on Bodhi

Update sent via Email 8/21/18 Hey Jeff and Laura, I know it has been a while since I updated you guys. Bodhi is doing AMAZING. He is such a great pup and so smart! He’s also growing like a weed. Up to 48lbs and still plenty of skin to grow into. He has mastered sit […]

Sophie~Grace (AKA Daisy)

Update sent via Email .:. 8/30/17 Sophie~Grace is doing very well, she’s a great dog. Very loving and loyal. Loves to lay at our feet. Follows us around everywhere. She is mostly house trained (with an occasional accident from time to time. We are still working with her on walking nicely with us on leash. […]

Open House and More …

Update sent via Email .:. 8/27/17 Open House – Thank you so much for having the open house! I wish we could’ve had a little more time in that area, I had no idea of all the history in that area and the amazing sites. I’ll attach a couple pictures we took with Asher. Update sent […]

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