Why Choose a Desert Wind Labrador Puppy?

Desert Wind Labradors’ mission is to produce the finest purebred (AKC or CKC) labrador retriever puppies and place them in the best homes that will give them every opportunity to reach their full potential as family companions and hunting buddies.

To accomplish that we have created a completely unique experience that our clients rave about – to read their comments please visit the links along the right hand column of this page or visit our Facebook page. From conception to delivery to arriving in their new homes our puppies are smothered in loving care each step of the way.


On the Desert Wind conception or breeding of our Labs is an eventful time. We DO NOT just throw a male and female in a cage and let “nature have its way”. We believe this leads to distress and sometimes injury. Our Labs are first of all our pets and our friends. We stay with them through the whole process, allowing them to perform the dance and yet making sure no one gets hurt.


New babies coming is a time of excitement and preparation. All the girls know when the labor sets in and stand guard at the door awaiting the opportunity to sniff the new arrivals. We have spent many nights sitting with a Lab girl as she delivers her babies offering comfort, encouragement and, when needed, assistance. Our Dams know this is special one-on-one time with us and will make sure we know when it is “time”. The time just before the first pup is born can be frantic for the dam so we are always on hand to soothe her and help her get situated.

Once the litter is born we send out Birth Announcements first to everyone who has placed a Reserve Deposit and then to those who have placed themselves on our email list to receive information about Up-Coming Litters from us.



As the puppies grow we will send photos and video clips plus personality profiles to assist you in making the selection.  We want to stay connected to be sure that we are able to provide you with the right puppy for you in your circumstances.  We only want it to be a win-win for both the puppy and you.


A couple of days prior to the actual pick up the pups we send out a series of emails that prepare the new family for bringing home their puppy that cover topics like confirming their pickup date/time and setting their Well Puppy Visit to their vet and we also give them a checklist of things to have on hand and information about their first 48 hours at home with their new puppy.

We like to think that we over-deliver when it comes to providing the new puppy owners with what they need to get started! We give each individual/family a Desert Wind Labrador Puppy Pack that includes a Bill of Sale, AKC or CKC Pedigree Registration Documents, our 1 YR Guarantee, Health Record plus a Schedule for On-going Health Maintenance, an informative brochure “Caring for Your Desert Wind Labrador Puppy” which gives guidelines for your puppy including the feeding schedule for his/her first year, exercise and more. And we record the exciting event with a first family picture which we post on our website!


Over 90% of Desert Wind Labrador Puppies are placed in homes where individuals have placed a Reserve Deposit. We do have a qualifying process to determine the suitability of the home before we confirm the placement. We do not pressure anyone into placing a Reserve Deposit but truth is that if they do not, then the chances are extremely high that a puppy may not be available later on. Back in the day, the puppy selection was made from a litter that was ready to go home. However, because it is optimum for the puppy to go to their new home at 7-8 weeks of age, waiting until the litter is born or until the puppies are 7-8 weeks of age to start placing them just does not make sense.

A Reserve Deposit is always transferable to another litter but it is a commitment to buy therefore it is non- refundable.


These are some of the question we ask prospective clients: Are you primarily interested in him/her as a family dog/companion or as a hunting buddy? Will he/she be living inside or outside? Do you have a fenced yard? Will he/she be your dog alone or become part of a family? Do you work outside the home? How many hours a day will he/she be alone? Will he/she be going on excursions to parks and so on? Will he/she be an integral part of your life? Do you intent to continue his/her training with obedience classes? Have you ever had a labrador retriever before? Have you ever had a dog?


Selecting Your Lab Puppy
Policies & Procedures


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