Chocolate Lab Ladies


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These are our gorgeous Chocolate Labrador Ladies …



Dam: Desert Winds Autumn Rain – “Auttie”

AKC Number: SR76316902Autumn Rain
Date Whelped: 1/12/2013
Body Style: English

Autumn Rain comes to us from an impressive line showing hunt and conformation titles.  She is solid and moves in the field with confidence and purpose.   Her coat is deep dark rich chocolate and she has a solid “otter” tail.

She is really sweet and eager to please.  Has been really easy to train and fits in with the Desert Wind pack extremely well.

We are excited to offer her pups and the potential they represent for the Desert Wind.


Dam: Desert Wind Katie’s Reflection – “Katie”

AKC Number: SR93645908
Date Whelped: 6/1/2016

Body Style: American Field Lab/English Cross Body Style

Katie was also born right here on the Desert Wind to Sweet Petunia and Fudge Mountain.  Both parents are evident in her stance and sweet personality.  She is a beautiful combination of the body styles with a smaller stature which will produce wonderful puppies. 

Her hunt instincts and the heart to please makes for the perfect family dog.  

Her coat color is a rich dark chocolate and we look forward to the puppies she will produce in the Desert Wind breeding program.

Dam: Desert Winds Fudge Sundae – “Sundae”

AKC Number: SR92656401 
Date Whelped: 3/30/2016

Body Style: American Field Lab

Born to our girl Cocoa and our boy Boone, Sundae carries on the proud lines that have produced superb pups for many years here on the Desert Wind.  Regal and statuesque just like you would expect from the American Field Lab. So sweet and friendly too! 

All the retriever drive and super focus you would want as a hunter and family dog.  

Her coat color is a cinnamon milk chocolate and we know her puppies will be amazing!


Dam: Desert Wind’s Princess Minderina – “Mindy”

AKC Number: SR98024108
Date Whelped: 3/18/2017
Body Style: American Field

BIO:  Desert Wind’s Princess Minderina is one of our own –  bred, born and raised here on the Desert Wind to our girl Autumn Rain and our boy Raging River.  She is a sleek beautiful example of the American Field lab body style but we know that the english is in there from her Momma Auttie with a rich chocolate coat.

Smart, sweet and eager describe her personality.  Looking forward to the puppies she will produce here on the Desert Wind.


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